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Summer Travel with Your Pets

Set the GPS to 'Adventure' and go! This season is all about the getaway, and with your four-legged bestie by your side, it's bound to be an incredible summer neither of you will ever forget. Why not go the extra mile this year, and set off on a trip that goes further than simply being 'pet-friendly'… it puts your pet first!

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From packing lists, to airline and train transport rules, get set for a fur-filled adventure this summer.

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Crossing the Canada-U.S. border with your pet? Here's what you need to know

It's not overly complicated to travel across the border with a pet, but you do need to have a few key things in order.

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When travelling with a pet, don't wait until there's a problem before figuring out how to manage it. Here's how to prepare for specific issues in advance.

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Travelling? Here's how to prep for time apart from your pet

It's hard to leave your furry BFF behind when heading out on a trip. Here are some tips and tricks you can draw on to make the separation process a little smoother.

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How to successfully road trip with your four-legged bestie this summer

Planning a road trip or camping adventure with your best fur friend this summer? Our experts have prep and packing advice worth reviewing before you hit the road.

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How to avoid all the things that can go wrong on a pet road trip

Ok, maybe it's not a completely exhaustive list, but we've covered the big stuff you want to plan for before driving off into the sunset with your pet bestie.

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Living the wild life: How to prep for your dog's first camping adventure

There's more to prepare than you might think when heading off into the wilderness with your canine travel buddy. From packing tips to park pet rules, here's what you need to know.

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6 must-visit parks across Canada with canine appeal

Want to explore the great outdoors this summer with your dog? We asked our resident dog expert to share a list of the best spots to check out, coast-to-coast.

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