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Frozen Raw

Raw Food


Interested in feeding raw? There are lots of benefits to a raw diet for your dog and cat. Ask our Animal Care Experts about the raw options that will fit your pet’s needs and your comfort and convenience.

Some of the benefits of raw include:

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Use Raw to Build Your Bowl!


You don’t have to feed 100% raw to see the benefits. There are many convenient and easy ways to build the bowl with raw products:

  • Frozen additions like meaty bones, whole herring, and whole sardines can be included at meal time or used as a natural alternative to dental chews.
  • Bone broth can be poured over kibble to enhance flavour, and add hydration and moisture if the pet isn’t drinking enough water.
  • Goat Milk can be added to the bowl to add hydration, as a probiotic supplement or for digestive support.
  • Enhance flavour and nutrition with frozen side dishes and toppers like organ blends or duck eggs.
  • Freeze-dried toppers are bite-size pieces made for easily scooping over kibble or crumbling on top – no refrigeration needed!

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*Selection varies by location and province

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