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A nutritionally complete diet for every type of dog

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A DPL prepares and serves a dog bowl full of performatrin culinary to their pet dog.

What do you feed your dog?

With more and more options becoming available, along with a variety of different feeding philosophies, our dog’s diets are a topic that pet parents are spending an increased amount of time and energy thinking about.

What is the best dog food? The truth is, the answer depends on your pup’s breed, age, activity levels, health needs, and individual tastes.

From picky eater pups to dogs with sensitive tummies to those who might need a little help to keep their weight at a certain level, different dogs (like different humans) require different diets.

The fact that there are so many options on the market has an upside (choice and the ability to find the perfect food for your pup) and a downside (the work required to sift through all of the available options).

If you want to find the best dog food, you could ask the internet … or read on, because we consulted an animal nutritionist on the topic. “Nutrition isn't one size fits all,” says Kylie Hogan, who works to formulate the Performatrin® brand of dog food diets. “That's why we try to have a really wide variety of different foods so that there's always something for everyone.”

The Performatrin® line of dog foods

All high-quality dog foods have one thing in common: they’re nutritionally complete.

This means that they provide your dog with the minerals, vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients they need to thrive. This is true of every Performatrin® diet, from Performatrin PrimeTM/MC or Performatrin Ultra®/MD to Performatrin NaturalsTM/MD or Performatrin CulinaryTM/MC.

Dogs require different diets over the course of their lives and Performatrin offers food for puppies and for senior dogs.

There are limited-ingredient diets for dogs with food intolerances or allergies and there are diets for weight maintenance or control.

Pet parents can also pick the protein that best suits their dog, including recipes that feature turkey, beef, chicken, duck, lamb, or fish.

Performatrin offers kibble formulations, canned dog food, and, in its new Culinary line, frozen raw dog food and gently cooked dog food and snacks.

Performatrin® Culinary

With the launch of Performatrin CulinaryTM/MC frozen raw food and gently cooked options, pet parents have a new option to try at meal- time or to use as a topper for their dog’s current diet.

These complete and balanced options are found in your local Pet Valu store’s freezer section alongside treats from the line such as boneless chicken wings and meatballs.

They are, says Pet Valu’s Director, Merchandising - Private Brand Development, Brian Patinga, “different, interesting, exciting meals that you can serve to your pet like you're preparing a fresh meal — just like you do for your family.”

A diet that’s right for you and your dog

Performatrin®, says Hogan, features recognizable ingredients like chicken, beef, rice, pumpkin, or apples. “Things that the customer can connect with,” she explains.

“We try to focus on things that are minimally processed, because the idea behind that way of feeding is that the more you feed, the more health benefit you can get from something in its most natural state.”

Your dog’s diet will be determined by their specific needs and tastes and your preferences as a pet parent. With Performatrin®, you know your BFF is getting the best, no matter what recipe you choose.

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