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What is gently cooked dog food?

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Man serves gently cooked performatrin culinary food to his furry BFF.

Turkey dinner. Beef risotto. Chicken stew. Pork and quinoa.

It sounds like selections from a menu at a cozy little bistro, but actually, it's gently cooked dog food from Performatrin CulinaryTM/MC.

Perhaps you’ve read up on or even heard about raw food diets for dogs. The appeal of this method of feeding is in the idea that less processed, raw foods are what our dogs’ wolf ancestors would have eaten. Therefore, dogs today might benefit from eating this way.

There are, however, several reasons that pet parents might not want to (or be able to) feed raw — it may not suit your lifestyle, or it may not fit with your dog’s tastes and eating habits. Handling raw meat on a daily basis also isn’t for everyone.

This is where gently cooked dog food comes in. It’s similarly less processed than kibble or canned food but reduces the “ick factor” that some pet parents might associate with raw meat.

What does gently cooked mean?

Performatrin CulinaryTM/MC’s debut line of gently cooked dog food is a range of frozen dishes that pet parents thaw overnight in the refrigerator and feed to their dog the next day.

“Gently cooked” means these dishes have been fully cooked in small batches and at lower temperatures compared to, for example, kibble.

The goal of gentle cooking is to allow more of the ingredients’ essential nutrients to remain in the food.

When you open a package of Performatrin CulinaryTM/MC gently cooked food, it looks like a dish you might prepare at home in your own kitchen. You’ll see chunks of meat and vegetables (you might see your dog start to drool, too).

The line has five different recipes including the ones we mentioned before, plus a tummy-calming recipe with chicken, pumpkin, and rice for dogs who experience gastrointestinal issues.

Each recipe is nutritionally complete, meaning that each serving offers all the vitamins, minerals, and protein your dog needs to have a balanced diet.

The food can be found in the freezer section of your local Pet Valu store and is sold in resealable, easy-to-use pouches. It also has a companion line of gently cooked snacks like boneless chicken wings and pork and chicken meatballs.

How do I work gently cooked food into my dog’s diet?

Feeding gently cooked food is simple: defrost a pouch in your refrigerator overnight and serve it to your dog the next day.

Follow the guidelines on the pouch to determine the size of servings your dog needs daily. Like deli meat, Performatrin CulinaryTM/MC’s gently cooked meals and snacks can stay in your refrigerator for up to four days.

Because Performatrin CulinaryTM/MC’s gently cooked diets are nutritionally complete, you can feed them to your dog as a main dish, knowing they’ll get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need to be healthy.

You can also use it as a topper or add-on to their regular food, either to entice them by offering some variety, or to practice rotational feeding.

The benefits of gently cooked dog food

Performatrin CulinaryTM/MC is made using human-grade food ingredients in a facility that also makes food for human consumption.

For many pet parents, the standards set and ingredients used in human-grade food are something they want for their pets too. As so many of us seek to eat minimally processed foods, we’re also looking for these products for our dogs.

There are also additional functional and practical reasons to choose gently cooked dog food. For picky eaters, adding even a little to their regular diet can encourage dogs to lick the bowl clean.

And for pet parents who subscribe to rotational feeding — switching out proteins according to the season or a pet’s activity levels — gently cooked foods make it easy to add new proteins to a pet’s meal without completely changing their core diet.

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