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The best pet costumes for Halloween 2023

A happy dog wears a matching Dinosaur costume with the child owner



Now that we have your attention, it’s time to talk about one of our favourite fall celebrations: Halloween, of course.

Who doesn’t love a holiday that’s dedicated to dressing up in fun costumes and collecting treats? It really doesn’t get better than this — especially for pet parents who like to celebrate the occasion by finding the spookiest, most adorable, or most creative costume for their four-legged bestie.

This year, Pet Valu has curated an array of new Halloween costumes and accessories for cats and dogs who want to get in on the fun.


To find out what’s new and trending in the Bailey & Bella Celebrates line, we spoke with Pet Valu’s Director of Private Brands, Dolly Kaushal, who shared all the spooky details about how pets can dress their best this October.

2023 Halloween costume trends

You’d have to be living under a pumpkin to have missed the fact that everything Barbie is one of this year’s hottest trends.


Just like costume trends for humans, pet costumes also follow what’s making waves in pop culture. Naturally, we have items in store that will help you create a look for your pet that would fit perfectly into Barbie’s world.


Remember Barbie’s head-to-toe denim look? It’s available in pet-size, and is best accessorized with a plush rollerblade toy.


And if Barbie has also ignited a love of pink, there’s a fun pink butterfly harness costume your pet will look pink-tastic in.


On the edgier side, there’s pet costume options that fans of Wednesday Addams will love.


If you want an outfit inspired by the hit series and want a more subtle, elegant vibe that offers a little spooky sophistication, we love the bat bowtie slider, which comes in two sizes for smaller and larger pets alike.


“You can put it on any pet that has a collar very quickly. It has an elastic loop and it slides onto the collar,” Kaushul explains.

The range of costumes available in the Bailey & Bella Celebrates line extends from the classic (who can resist a pumpkin costume?) to scary with a whole lot of silly in between.


Is it ever not funny to dress up your pet as another type of animal? Plush and cozy costumes that transform your BFF into a lobster, a dinosaur, or a bee are just a few of the highlights we’re looking forward to seeing out trick or treating this fall.


Each style prioritizes your pet’s safety and comfort and is designed to work with a leash and harness.

Keeping it spooky and safe

Making sure that pets feel comfortable and safe in their Halloween costumes or accessories is a priority for pet owners and for us at Pet Valu.


Not every pet will want to get decked out in a full costume. For them, there are accessories that still celebrate the season without requiring them to wear something they’d rather, well, not.


We love these LED dog collars and rechargeable dog leashes that are not only festive and fun but also add an element of safety if you’re out with your pet after dark.


“A lot of what we do for Halloween are also functional products,” says Kaushul.


“We have a series of costumes that include harnesses, which can be used in place of their regular harness. For Halloween, we just add wings to it — we have a purple dragon harness and we have a pink butterfly harness that's a nod to Barbie. It gives the product functionality while still being a costume and it's more comfortable for pets.”

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