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Your Rewards


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Members Get More

(and so do their pets)

Being a Devoted Pet Lover already comes with so many great benefits – companionship, cuddles, fluffy belly rubs etc. Join our Your Rewards | VIP Plus™ program, and you’ll both enjoy a few extra.

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Exclusive Birthday (or Gotcha Day) Treat!

Complete your online pet profile for a surprise email offer during their special month.

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How to Complete Your Pet’s Profile
Pet profile takeover how to step 1

Log in to Your Rewards™ account

Pet profile takeover how to step 2

Scroll down to Pet profile takeover my pets paw icon My Pets

Pet profile takeover how to step 3

Add your pet profile details

Not a Your Rewards™ member yet?

Sign Up Today

For more details see Terms & Conditions

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Participating Brands

Because you always want the best for your pet, our Frequent Buyer program rewards you when you buy their favourites.

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Become a

Member & SAVE!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?
How does the Frequent Buyer program work?
Do I have to purchase the 12 items within a certain amount of time?
How do I know what my item purchases balances are?
How do I claim my free reward?
What happens if I have a dog and a cat? Do they each get a free item?
Are there any discounts for buying multiple cans of food at one time?

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