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Get festive this winter with the latest holiday fashions for your pet

Two small dogs and one big dog wearing winter fashion sweaters surrounded by presents with winter holiday decor in the background

The winter months bring us so many reasons to celebrate — from Christmas to Hanukkah to ringing in a new year, it’s a time for gathering together with friends and family to take in everything this festive time of year has to offer.


And since our pets are an important part of our family, we love finding opportunities to include them in our celebrations.


Pet fashion is an easy (not to mention totally adorable) way to make our animals feel like they’re a central part of our holiday traditions — or a way to start brand new ones together.

An occasion for everyone

It doesn’t matter how or what you celebrate, during this time of year, it’s simply fun to get dressed up — whether that’s in matching pyjamas or your finest holiday attire.


Pet Valu’s Bailey & Bella Celebrates line has something for every occasion, from cuddling in front of the yule log channel to looking your best at the annual holiday party.


The line includes items to suit pets who enjoy wearing complete head-to-tail fashion looks, as well as pieces for the pet who prefers to don a simple accessory or two and call it an outfit.


Since comfort is key, pet parents can make their decisions based on their animal’s personality and preferences. Every item is always designed with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind.

Holiday dressing for 2023

What’s trending on the cat (and dog) walk for winter 2023 and 2024?


Luxe fabrics like velvet and faux fur, traditional textures like tweed and wool, designer-inspired details and trims, and classic holiday colours and patterns in rich red tartans.

And of course, sequins, sweaters, and sweaters with sequins!

The holidays are a time of year when pets and pet parents can go a little over the top and really have fun with fashion. There’s no such thing as “too much sparkle” in December.

The 2023 Bailey & Bella Celebrates collection is designed to let you extend the holiday season with items that are less holiday-specific and instead offer opportunities to wear them all season long.

“We’ve developed classic pieces that provide pet’s with both fashion and functionality,” says Dolly Kaushal, Pet Valu’s Director of Private Brands. “Once a particular holiday has passed, items are basically packed up and forgotten, but our new collection extends the season for our pets and pet parents.”

To do this, the line has included items that take inspiration from trends in the world of human fashion.


“We're focusing on those details that allow you to dress your pet like you would dress yourself during the holidays,” says Kaushul. “Our collection offers warmth and comfort with classic and upscale styles,” she says, citing the line’s powder blue peacoat with faux fur trim that pays tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, as an example.

Pieces you and your pet will love

“Of course, we’re doing pet and pet parent matching outfits,” says Kaushul, “but we've given the items a more modern, chic look.”

One such product (that you’ll want to add to your holiday wish list ASAP) is the Biggie Smalls matching toque set — black and white pom-pom adorned beanies with “Biggie” stitched on the hat meant for the pet parent and “Smalls” written on the hat for their pet.


Equally adorable and matchy-matchy is the line’s red tartan scrunchie and bandana set.


You can pair these accessories with our red sweater dress, its attached tartan skirt and pom-pom detailing that will ensure your pet steals the show at any holiday party — as well as a cable knit turtleneck with a super fun detail: the sequined snow globe design can be flipped to take the look from day to night.


See? We told you there’d be sequins.

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