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How to create a head-to-tail fall fashion look for your pet

Bailey & Bella Striped Polo Shirt will have your pup looking best in class. With its pull over style for easy access, your pup will be the best dressed for any occasion.

This fall, the sidewalk will become the catwalk for four-legged fashionistas and their pet parents.


Pet Valu’s Bailey & Bella pet apparel line offers a wide range of sartorial options for the stylish pet, including pieces that will work well as ever-colder weather hits Canada — offering both trendy looks and practical features.


“It's really about creating a whole entire look for your pet, all the way from hats to jackets to layering pieces,” says Dolly Kaushal, Pet Valu’s Director of Private Brands.


Here are some tips and ideas for putting together an autumn-inspired look for your furry BFF.

Layering for fashion and function

For pets and people, the rule is the same: layering looks good AND is practical. It adds depth and interest to any outfit. It gives fashion pros the leeway to go wild with pattern mixing while beginners can layer up simple solids for a more sophisticated look.


Beyond the style factor, layering allows pet parents to incorporate some functional elements into their pet’s clothing.


When it came to designing the Bailey & Bella fall/winter line, Kaushul says the focus was on “adding reflective piping where we could, adding pockets for poop bags or wipes where we could, and making sure that we were adding valuable features for the pet and the pet parent.”


In short, layering is a way to look cool, stay warm, and make use of the all-important pocket. (For the record, women everywhere can’t believe pets are getting pockets before them).

The weather outside is…

Unpredictable, if you live in Canada, that is. Across the country, fall and winter can serve up a wide variety of weather conditions — often varying from one day to the next.


Layering is a smart strategy to keep pets comfortable in all kinds of weather. Bailey & Bella products are designed to work together so that pets can enjoy the transition from cool sweater weather to ice and snow (and back again).


“We have these new blanket coats that have a fleece addition, so if you have a shorter-haired dog that needs a little bit more warmth, you can use those layering pieces,” says Kaushul.


“Canada's regional climate is so different when you go from the West Coast to the East Coast, so the layering pieces are really important for us. We wanted to make sure that we had something a little bit lighter so fall is really focused on thinner knits, hoodies, and pieces like that. It then goes all the way to parkas in the winter. So there’s a huge breadth to the collection, depending on your pet’s needs.”

Fun looks to try this fall

“All of our apparel — sweaters, coats, even hats— are all species neutral,” Kaushul explains. “Nothing is harmful to a cat or dog or small animal.”


This means that pet parents can experiment with different looks for their pet to see which styles and pieces best suit them in terms of both look and comfort.


Some of our favourite items include…

For pets and pet parents, fashion should be fun, inspired, and never taken too seriously — so get creative this fall with trending items both you and your pet love, and make lasting memories together.


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