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AutoShip is easy and flexible! Get your items shipped to home or ready for you in-store at your desired frequency. Skip or cancel at any time.

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Step 1

Add AutoShip Eligible Products To Cart

Products that are eligible have a blue AutoShip section on the product page. To see our full assortment of AutoShip products click here.

Step 2

Select AutoShip and Choose Frequency

In the cart, choose Pick Up In-Store or Ship To Me, select the AutoShip checkbox for each item and pick your desired frequency.

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Check Out, And You're Done!

Your order confirmation will include your AutoShip details, and you will receive a reminder email 5 days before each upcoming AutoShip order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

AutoShip is the most convenient way to get the products you want on a regular schedule. Choose from a range of eligible products and based on your desired frequency, your products will automatically be shipped to you or be ready for pick-up at a selected participating store. The service is easy to use and customizable, so you can make changes to fit your needs. Just tell us how often you want your products, and whether you would like them shipped or available for pick-up, and we'll take care of the rest.

With AutoShip, you can change your delivery frequency, next order date, or skip an order up to 24 hours before the scheduled order date.

Joining AutoShip is easy! Find your desired AutoShip eligible products and add them to cart. Eligible products have an AutoShip logo visible on the product page and in the shopping cart. In the cart, you will be prompted to choose between Pick Up In-Store and Ship To Me. Then, simply select the AutoShip option for your desired products when reviewing your order. Finally, select your preferred order frequency and check out as normal. You must be logged in or create an online account in order to proceed to checkout.

After you join, you will receive an email confirming your enrollment. We will then place your AutoShip orders automatically according to your selected frequency, and you will only be billed once the order is shipped or picked up in-store. We will send you an email reminder 5 days before each AutoShip order, and you can make changes to upcoming orders up to 24 hours before the order date. You will also receive email notifications regarding other important information related to your AutoShip account, such as, if your item is discontinued or out of stock, if you cancel your enrollment, and order confirmations.

Prices of items in the AutoShip program are subject to change. We cannot guarantee certain prices for AutoShip orders. The amount you will be charged for items in your AutoShip order will be the price as stated in your reminder email 5 days prior to the scheduled order date or lower, if the price of the item is lower on the website on the order placement date.

Your subscription gives back! Sign up for AutoShip today and help feed future Dog Guides. For every product you add to your AutoShip subscription, we'll donate $20* worth of food to Dog Guides.

*Offer ends December 31, 2022. For each new AutoShip eligible item added to an AutoShip subscription on,,, and we will donate Performatrin® branded dog food and treats with a retail value of $20 to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides feeding program.

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How To Make Changes

Once you've joined, AutoShip is easy to manage. Your AutoShip enrolment and upcoming orders can be managed in your account settings. You can change your next order date, skip an order, change your selected frequency, change your payment method, or cancel your enrolment by visiting the AutoShip section in your account.

In order to be effective, changes to an upcoming order (such as skipping or changing the date of your order) must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled order date. For all other modifications, please allow up to 24 hours for them to be processed.

Once you've started your AutoShip enrolment, you will not be able to change your fulfilment type, shipping address or store pick-up location. If you would like to make any of these changes, you can cancel your enrolment and create a new AutoShip order with your desired fulfilment details.

Yes. To modify the order frequency for an AutoShip item, visit the “AutoShip” tab within the “My Account” page. The current order frequency is displayed next to each AutoShip item in a dropdown menu. To change the order frequency, simply click the frequency dropdown for the item you would like to modify and select your new desired frequency. Please allow up to 24 hours for modifications to be processed.

To change the date of your next order visit the “AutoShip Subscriptions” section on the “My Account” page and select the “Change Date” button for the order you want to update, then select a new date from the calendar that appears. This will change the order date for the next order you are expected to receive.

If an AutoShip order contains multiple items and you would only like to change the order date of a single item, remove that item from the order by selecting the “Remove Item From Order” button. The items will now display as two separate orders and you can now change the order dates for each one.

To skip an AutoShip order, visit the “AutoShip” tab within the “My Account” page at least 24 hours before the scheduled order date and click the “Skip Order” button. Your next order, following the one you've skipped, will not be affected and will remain scheduled at the next interval based on your selected frequency.

You may cancel your AutoShip enrollment at any time. Visit the “AutoShip” tab within the “My Account” page and simply click “Cancel AutoShip” below the frequency dropdown. You will be prompted to confirm this action and then your enrollment will be cancelled. You will receive an email notification confirming this action. Any scheduled orders within 24 hours of cancellation will still be placed and orders cannot be cancelled after they have shipped. However, they may be returned through our normal return process. For information on our returns policy, please view our Shipping and Returns page or call us at 1-800-738-8258 Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm ET.

You will receive an email notification if your credit card information is expired. To update your payment information, please visit the “AutoShip” tab within the “My Account” page and click “Change Billing” below the billing section of your AutoShip order. Please allow up to 24 hours for modifications to be processed.

By default, orders scheduled on the same day with the same payment method and shipping address or pick-up store will be combined into one order.

If you have more than one AutoShip item and want the items to be combined in the same order, simply visit the “AutoShip” tab within the “My Account” page and change the next order dates to reflect your desired date. You should confirm the orders are going to the same shipping address or pick-up store. Please allow up to 24 hours for modifications to be processed.

See AutoShip Terms and Conditions here for more details