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PetSafe Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Fence System

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Designed specifically for small dogs, PetSafe Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Fence System is safe for pets over 7.9lb (3.6 kg) and will give your little pooch greater freedom to roam around the yard. The system is simple enough to install yourself, includes enough boundary wire to cover up to 1/3 of an acre, and can be expanded up to 25 acres with extra wire and flags (sold separately). A buried wire marks the boundaries you wish to set for your dog. As your dog approaches the boundary, his collar receives a radio signal and issues a warning beep. If they get too close to the boundary, the collar will warn them with harmless, yet startling electrical stimulation, letting them know which areas are off-limits. The collar is comfortable, waterproof, and includes a reflective strip to help you find your dog in the dark.


  • Add multiple pets with extra Add-A-Dog receiver collars (sold separately)
  • Automatic shut off safety feature stops static stimulation after 30 seconds
  • Offers multiple training modes, including tone-only option
  • Collar is adjustable, reflective, waterproof, and will fit dogs with neck sizes between 6-16" (15-66 cm)
  • Safe and effective for dogs weighing more than 8lb (3.6 kg)
  • Included boundary wire covers up to 1/3 of an acre
  • System can be expanded up to 25 acres with extra wire and flags (sold separately)


  • Power adaptor and transmitter
  • Reflective collar with lightweight receiver
  • 50 flags and 150 metres (500ft) of wire
  • RFA-188 Battery for collar
  • Test light tool
  • Instruction manual

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