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Midwest Quiet Time Maxx Bed Black

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Midwest Quiet Time Maxx Pet Bed is made with a water resistant polyester that helps make care easy and keeps bedding dry. The polyfiber-filled bolsters and cushioned base provides your pet with comfort for all seasons. It is sized to fit most crates, carriers, and easily fit in vehicles. This bed features a non-slip grip surface on the bottom that's perfect for hardwood or tile floors. It fits inside most standard dog crates creating a comfortable and desired location for your dog or cat to relax. Please note that the Maxx pet bed is not chew proof, but is more durable and will hold up longer than most cotton/ polyester fabric blended pet beds.


  • Cushioned base with no-slip grip on bottom of dog bed prevents dog bed sliding on hardwood & tile floors
  • Repels pets' coat oils and dirt, staying fresh and clean
  • Looks and feels new longer
  • Use pet bed in conjunction with their dog crate to entice your pet to use their crate

Sizing Chart:

SizeDimensionsPet Weight
24"57cm L x 44cm W x 5.7cm H (22.45" L x 17.33" W x 2.25" H)Up to 25lbs
30"74.3cm L x 50.4cm W x 7cm H (29.26" L x 19.85" W x 2.76" H)Up to 40lbs
36"88.9cm L x 59cm W x 6.5cm H (35" L x 23.23" W x 2.56" H)Up to 70lbs
42"103.4cm L x 69.2cm W x 7cm H (40.71" L x 27.25" W x 2.76" H)Up to 90lbs
48"117cm L x 71.1cm W x 9.7cm H (46.07" L x 28" W x 3.82" H)Up to 110lbs

Care: This pet bed is machine washable and dryer safe.


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