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JUMP! Milo Cat Tree

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Jump Milo Cat Tree is the ultimate feline play zone. Combining a multi-platform design with a cozy cubby, fuzzy hanging tunnel, and cuddly hammock basket, this tree has everything your cat needs to embrace all their natural instincts. Sisal-wrapped posts encourage positive scratching behaviours, while the built-in ladder leading to the cozy cubby gives all kitties the opportunity for a little rest and relaxation. The tree top features an adjustable height range of 86.6" to 102.3" to securely fit to your ceiling. Climbing, playing, napping, or lounging, this tree has something for every cat!


  • Cozy cubby for resting and hiding out
  • Built-in entrance ladder is great for senior and mobility restricted cats
  • Cuddly hammock basket and fuzzy hanging tunnel for lounging and snuggles
    • Hammock basket and fuzzy hanging tunnel weight restriction: 15lbs (6.8kg)
  • Multiple platform levels for climbing and jumping, great for multi-cat households
  • Sisal-wrapped posts to encourage positive scratching
  • Assembly tools and hardware included
  • Adjustable top height of 86.6"- 102.3’" (219.96cm-259.84cm)
  • Materials: plush, sisal
  • Dimensions: 66.04cm L x 55.88cm W x 259.84cm H (26" L x 22" W x 102.3" H)

Tips for Introduction to the Home: Sprinkling catnip along the platforms and scratch posts, or utilizing their favorite treats helps to draw your cat near, stimulate their senses, and reassure that the space is safe and meant for their use.

Benefits of Cat Furniture: Active, curious, and territorial by nature, cat furniture gives cats their own space to sleep, play, scratch, and climb. Provides a space in your home to satisfy a large array of your cat's natural behaviours, instincts, and needs.

Care: Cat furniture is easy to maintain and simple to clean. Fur build-up can be removed with a small vacuum, brush, or lint roller. Spot cleaning can be done with warm water and a soft cloth or sponge. Air dry.

Caution: Do not leave pet unattended while using this item. See product packaging for complete warning information


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