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Peace of Mind For Your Pet

As home routines start to change.

Make the Transition Easier

As work, study and play shifts again, our pets may need some extra support adjusting. Separation anxiety is a stress reaction to changes in home and routine. If your pet is used to spending all day with the family, we can help you plan ahead, to ensure you both feel calm, comfortable and contented. Here’s how:

This is intended to provide suggestions to help alleviate possible anxiety your pet may experience as you transition to back to work. This is not medical advice or treatment. Please consult a veterinarian if unsure. Use at your own risk; we are not responsible for any harm or injury that may occur. Consider your pet’s chewing habits to minimize risks, including dental issues, tendencies towards destruction or appetite for ingesting non-food items. Keep yourself and your pet safe!

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Expert Tips

Our Animal Care Experts are here to help you and your pet through stressful times. Visit your local store to get first-hand knowledge on everything you need to ease this transition.


Prepare Your Pet Now

Make a point of running an errand solo, going for a walk, or meeting friends every day so that alone time is built into your pet’s daily expectation.

Natural Behaviour

Dogs, cats, and other small pets can feel less anxious when encouraged to ‘get back to nature’, with activities like playing with doggie friends, climbing cat trees, and safe out-of-cage time.

Sweeten the Deal

Chewing is a natural stress reliever for dogs. Try adding frozen pumpkin, peanut butter, or dog food to a kong toy for hours of soothing distraction.

Happy Hunting

Cats love nothing better than hunting. Hide their favourite toys throughout your home to keep young curious felines out of trouble.

Calming Goodbyes

Ignoring your pet for a few minutes before you head out will reassure them that you leaving is no big deal.

Quality Time

Pets sometimes crave human touch, so always make time for cuddles, even if it means getting up earlier or staying awake later.

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