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10 things to make your pet’s upcoming year happier and healthier

Woman cuddling with small dog on lawn

For all of us pet parents, our pet’s health and happiness is priceless.

Of course a healthy diet, exercise, grooming, and regular vet checkups all contribute to our pets’ overall health. But so do products that engage them, contributing to their physical wellness, and enabling them to experience happiness on their own terms.

To mark another year with our beloved BFFs both big and small, we’ve put together a list of items that will make our furry or feathered friends’ lives happier and healthier in the months to come.

Dog standing in long grass

For the dog(s) in your life

You don’t just love your dog because he keeps you company — you also love the things that make them happy. Whether you have a furry friend at home or one that you take to work with you, we have something for everyone on this list:

A doggie dental kit for healthy gums and teeth

Because a dog’s dental health is an indicator of their overall health, regular teeth cleaning is an important habit to adopt. Getting your dog to agree to it is just like any other training and obedience practice — it takes patience and positive reinforcement.

The right product can make things easier too. Look for a flavour of toothpaste your pup enjoys and choose a brush that works for them. If your doggo’s mouth has hard-to-reach spots, opt for the angled toothbrush.

A rewards ball for physical and mental stimulation

Most dogs love to chase or fetch a ball, but even those pups who’d rather remain curled up on the sofa (in your spot, of course) will love a reward ball. It's the perfect product to encourage physical activity and mental engagement. A reward ball can also be filled with kibble in order to slow down a dog that tends to inhale each meal. It may even occupy them long enough for you to reclaim that spot on the couch.

Light-up collars for safer early morning or night walks

During the winter months when it’s dark outside for longer parts of each day, a rechargeable light-up collar will keep both you and your dog visible to drivers and cyclists. A light-up collar is a simple but effective way to make walks in the dark a safer, more enjoyable experience.

cat lying in the sun

For your favourite feline

For all the cat parents looking to keep their felines both entertained and healthy, this list is for you.

A kitty condo and scratching post for climbing fun

A cat’s gotta climb — and while we love the Instagram photos of felines achieving daring feats of agility as they scale bookshelves, cabinets, and curtains, it’s definitely safer and healthier for them to reach new heights on a product designed for them. Add a built-in scratching post and call it Kittyland.

A cat grass planter for better digestion

This product makes it easy to grow grass for your cat indoors so that your cat can improve their digestion and eliminate hairballs in a safe and healthy way. And unlike your houseplants, it’s designed to be impossible for your cat to knock over (because we know they’ll try).

Catnip dental health chews for cleaner pearly whites

If brushing isn’t something your cat will submit to, there are several products that offer alternate solutions to ensure their teeth and gums stay healthy. These dental health treats contain catnip and are likely to tempt even the pickiest, most discerning feline.

Guinea Pig crawling out of a hutch

For our smallest animal friends

Our smallest of pets have some of the best options for healthy play:

A small animal playpen for exploration and exercise

We love products that make it safe and fun for small animals to get outside of their habitat and explore new spaces in your home. This packable playpen that features a mesh roof can be used indoors and out and folds down to a compact, transportable size making it great for travel.

A hamster ball for adventures outside the habitat

Small animals love exploring and interacting with their pet parents. Run-about balls make this possible in a safe and secure way. They come in three different sizes to suit a variety of small pets, and are great for exercise and stimulation — while also providing a healthy distraction for your pet while you clean their habitat.

A small animal harness for outdoor activities

Walks: they’re not just for dogs! If you have a guinea pig, rabbit, or ferret with a curiosity and interest in the great outdoors, then a soft and secure harness is a safe way to take them outside. Look for a harness with a stretchy leash that will be gentler on their small bodies, keeping them tethered to you while preventing injury.

A bath for bird health and happiness

In the summer months birds bathe to cool off from the heat and to keep dirt and parasites from damaging their feathers. Through the winter or in other seasons, birds bathe simply because they enjoy it. It’s the first step in the preening process, during which they distribute oil from their preening gland throughout their feathers as an added layer of protection. They also bathe because they enjoy it. Adding a bath to their habitat will make them healthier and happier.

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