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Travel with Your Pets

Set the GPS to 'Adventure' and go! This season is all about the getaway, and with your four-legged bestie by your side, it's bound to be an incredible summer neither of you will ever forget. Why not go the extra mile this year, and set off on a trip that goes further than simply being 'pet-friendly'… it puts your pet first!

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Expert Tips

Well-travelled tricks from our Animal Care Experts to ensure you and your pet stay safe, comfortable and happy - wherever you go. For more great advice from our pet people, visit one of our 600+ stores across Canada.

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Time To Be Quiet

New places can be overwhelming for pets, especially puppies. Keep an eye out for the signs and find a quiet place if they need it.

  • Justina Marcotte,
    Burnaby BC
Plan Your Pit Stops

Find a map of the area that you are travelling to that lists all of the parks so you can have great "Pit Stops".

  • Alison Harper,
    Gibsons BC
Keep The Cooler Stocked

Bring enough food or check that there’s a pet store where you’re going that carries your brand of food so your pets don't get sick.

  • Briana Murton,
    Surrey BC
Ride Comfortably

Make your pets comfortable for car rides. Don’t overfeed them, bring calming treats and car-safe toys, and make sure there’s proper airflow throughout the car.

  • Kiara Cuff,
    Renfrew ON
New Place. New Behaviours.

Always be alert and make sure your pets have good recall or a good leash. Pets can behave differently in new places.

  • Emmalee Marion,
    Edmonton AB
Personality Leads The Way

Travel according to your pet’s personality. Find a trip that suits who they are, what they like, and what they can do to make it enjoyable for everyone.

  • Sarah Cudney,
    Burlington ON
Stop And Stretch

When traveling a long distance, make sure to stop often to let your pet stretch, go to the bathroom, get some energy out and eat and drink.

  • Hunter Baribeau,
    Wndsor ON



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